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Last monday I signed my offical contract for 6 years of serivce in the United States Air Force as an air traffic controller. I'm so pumped and I've been going to gym and I've lost 3 pounds already. I still have a while to go but I wanna get my mile and a half time down to at leats 12 minutes before I leve. I'm still working on getting the pushups up to where I feel I should be.

As usual there isn't much to do down here but I've found ways to entertain myself. I've been reading some and played some old video games. I'm excited about the begining of the baseball season it's something to look forward to and the Silent Hill movie is comming out and if it's half as scary as the games it will be worth the money. Speaking of Silent Hill I still need to beat the 3rd one and buy the 4th one. Also I ordered the 2006 Fiesta Bowl today and it should get here by friday.

Trying to sell a house gets annoying having people come in to look at it means you have to leave and drive around for while. I hope someone buys our house soon. We found a house in Belleville that we're trying to buy which I could care less since I won't be living there. My dad likes its and like my mom said it's his paycheck buying the damn thing so he better like it. Speaking of my dad I get to talk to him almost every day. He's pretty good he's busy as hell working 7 days a week 16 hours a day in one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Although he said it was easier than last time. Well I'm out of here.  Later
I just found out I'm leaving for basic training July 5th. It sucks that its suring the summer but at least its not during my birthday. It's going to be hot as hell every day in San Antonio but I'll manage. So that means I won't be moving back to Illinois but fear not because my family is moving up there and will be house hunting in June and I will be there with them. So I'll get to see my friends. I'll be done with tech school before Christmas I believe and will be back then as well before leaving for my base and into unknown. I am so excited you guys and words can't do justice to show how thrilled I am about this.
Found out that because of Hurricane Katrina that getting a job in Air Traffic Control will take a while. So as of right now it's looking like it will be end of summer before I can go to basic training. On some better news my family and I are moving back to Belleville thihs summer so from the looks of it I'll be there for a little bit before I move
I swore into the Air Force yesterday. It took forever to get cleared because of my wrsit but I swore in. I still don't know my job but I listed my choices and they said because of my dad already being in that I stand a great chance of getting my first choice. I'll find out hopefully within the week. I'll update when I find out more.
since I last updated. Not to much has been going on. Decemeber 15th I went to the MEPS in Jacksonville and found out I have to go back and get an xray. So after my dad leaves tomorrow I'll schedule to go do that. I had a good Christmas, got some clothes and stuff I'll need while I'm away. My friend John Holt came down on New Years and will be here until the 11th, so it's great to have a friend down. When I find out when I leave I'll try to make it up to the Belleville area but it doesn't look very likely. Maybe some more friends can come down like Toni who I haven't seen in forever.

Right now I'm trying to think about my dad leaving tomorrow because it makes me worry and feel like crap. I know he went there before and made it back but it still makes me worry about all the things that could happen to him when he's over there.
My plans for comming up to Illinois have been cut. My dad has to go to Iraq. No problem we already knew that, we found out last month it was short notice and we though he would be leaving mid January. That would have left plenty of time to drive up to Ohio to see my grandma and uncle while my grandma had surgery. After that we planned on going to Illinois then down to North Carolina to visit my dad's side of the family. What happened was the told him he has to leave January 5th, thus forcing us to cut Illinois since we have no family there and my dad is going into a warzone.

As far as my joing the Air Force, so far so good. I go to Jacksonville for MEPs or whatever they call it. Because I had a heart murmuor as a little kid I might have to wait for a waiver. So as of now I'll leave around March. Hopefully I'll be able to make my way up to Illinois
December 28th to New Years day. So I'll have to plan out when I can see some friends of mine. After that we're going to my grandpas because my dad wants to see his family before he leaves for Iraq and hopefully me leaving in January
I decided to enlist and I just have to turn in the application and set up when I want to leave and then it's off to texas for basic training.
I have been thinking alot recently and I am considering joining the air force. It would benefit me in numerous ways including college money, a place to stay on base, and money for food. Right now I'm 75% in favor of it. Another pro about it is that I can still get my degree and become a history teacher if I chose to get out after 4 years and if I don't like being a teacher I can always get a civilan job on a base. Well I'm off to think some more because it's a big choice.
I had a pretty good weekend, I went to Atlanta with my dad and grandpa for the Nascar race and was able to spend some time with them both which was cool. I found my old collection of baseball cards and I'm planning on selling them on ebay. I should get quite a bit from some of my cards which includes some Mickey Mantles and Jackie Robinson cards. I decided to take one of my eyebrow rings out, it will help me get a job. because most place can deal with one but two they won't even consider. Now to go study for an algerbra test.
The motor in car is shot to hell, so I have no car, lol. 3000-4000 for a new motor, no thanx I'll just look for something else.
Those were the words of my moron English 101 teacher as I kept correcting the mistake he was making over and over. I guess he had a breakdown or something and I think he hates me for making him look stupid. Although I don't care for the weather down here, the people down here are really nice and so far have been very outgoing. I found out that I am most likely comming up to the Belleville area for either Thanksgiving or the New Year, so I'm looking forward to that. There's a few people I need to hangout with. I was going to comment on the new journal entry that Charles wrote but I guess he deleted it. I was going to say that I was glad he finally admited he had a problem telling the truth and that was the only problem I ever had with him. Maybe he will read this, maybe not. Anyway, Charles I hope you are telling the truth this time and stick to what you say. Later peeps!
Long time since I updated, it's not like anyone reads this anymore. I haven't went out of my way to make friends but I do have some. I started school 2 weeks ago and so far I'm doing pretty well. Here's to me achieving my goal of becoming a history teacher. For a while I was considering the Marines but I can't join now, because of me having surgery on my wrist. It was something I was serious considering, even if a few people I knew backed out of going. I miss hanging out with some of my friends from Illinois even if there was nothing to do. I wish that I coud have hung out with Toni a few more times, but Toni is on my priority list when I am able to come up for a visit. I remember you telling a while back that after high school I would probably end up realizing that dressing in all black was sorta lame and you were right, and it's not very comfortable and I'm glad I realized that. I'll update again soon hopefully, I have a paper to write.
Its been so hot down here and boring. Maybe in time it will change. I've been pretty much playing video games and going to the amusment park. I got back friday from St. Louis I had to go get my pins removed, which was fun lol. i have 3% mobility in my left wrist so that mean physical theropy. I'll update more later.
I just now realized how much of a fucking asshole I am. I don't care for other people's feelings and I do what I want even if it hurts others. I want to change and go back to caring about people not when I'm going to laid. I've had sex with 19 girls and I've made love to 0 of them, not a single one of them did I actually care about. I need to find a girl for me and finally try a serious relationship. It's not going to happen soon though, cuz of me moving but my parents said they would support me moving back in 6 months and hopefully I can grow up while I'm down there. Finally when I move back hopefully the girl I want to be with so bad but fucked up with is still single and I can try things with her again.
You are one of the few diamonds of the world. Your a great guy, when I first met you I thought you were going to be a dick, dont ask why but your the shit. You made me laugh at lot after the Creepy Crawl show when I was upset and your passion for music makes me want to pursue my dreams. I love you Sihn and the show was GREAT
So today I turned 18 and the fuckers didn't card me son of a bitch. I did get birthday sex at 4 in the morning which rocks. So I went down to Georgia last week and just got back yesterday. We bought a house on a golfcourse and plan on building a pool with a slide and divingboard. We went skiing and boating while we were down there I lost my camera in a hotel room in Nashville Tennesse, FUCK. Besides that life has been going great. I saw Matt Cleamer yesterday at the skatepark hopefully I can chill with him some before I move well I Love everyone, not really but lets just pretend.

Little kids deserve the worst

Tue May 24, 2005, 2:21 PM
I felt the hate rise up in me

I am enjoying my little arument with this little boy. He likes to talk shit but I don't think he would actually say it to my face or fight me becuase he is a bitch. Anywho I'm sure he'll leave a comment on my journal and will have something to say about the next thing I'll talk about. I went to see the new starwars movie a few times and it is a great piece of film. You get to see Anakain's struggle and Lucas gives him some great scenes where you feel his pain. The way it ties in with the other films is genius.

I am going to warped tour on June 21st because Jaime asked me to and I kind of owe her a birthday present lol. 6 months late is bad. I don't care for any of the bands there but I keep an open mind so maybe I'll find some bands there I like. Plus there is Six Flags in a few days which shall be a blast. Well leave comments and I'll get back to you

Waiting for the child's comment
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Free at last

Sun May 22, 2005, 10:08 PM
I walked down the hardest road

I finally graduated today and it felt great. All my years of work finally paid off.  It was amazing and I feel so good about myself right now. On to college I go.

"do you suck dicks?"
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Pointfest 17 was THE SHIT! We got there at 1130 and waited to get in. We saw some people we knew and I met up with Jon Nadler and watched some bands and Charles mosh with 12 year olds which was funny cuz he'll probably be bragging about it later but he probably won't mention some dude comes in and fucking knocked on his back and he flips over LOL. SO I ended up giving John my phone and the keys cuz I planed on moshing to American Headcharge, they played later than what theyw ere supposed to cuz Trust Company broke up. So I'm in this fucking killer mosh pit and I throw an elbow just fucking cream this fucker who turned out to be a chick oops. I lost track of John and look for him but run into Nadler and watched some wrestling and I smoked some grass. Weeman(still don't care for him) finds John for me and John and I go sit down for the main stage. We sit with these 3 hot chicks I can only remeber Angela though. We had a blast cuz the girls were making out and we got angela to show her tits and She TOLD me to play with them. I mentioned that they should make out and finger each other and they did SWEET. So this starts the whole crowd going nuts and chicks are flashing everywhere and I put up at least 3 chicks on my shoulders and they flashed the crowd. People were throwing bottles from the back of the lawn all the up onto the roof of the mainstage it was SICK Modern Day Zero, Unwritten Law, Sum 41, STOY all rocked and then MUDVAYNE CAME ON STAGE and they tore the place up. I go into one of the most violent mosh pits I have ever seen. This one fucking behemoth fucking hits up into the air and 4 people hit me before I hit the ground and someones stomps my ball and trips and knees my face and AH IT WAS BLISS. We left after Mudvayne cuz breaking benjamin is always playing in St Louis. You guys have no idea how insanse it was around John and I everyone else just saw tits but we saw chicks do everything with each other oh and WE SAW SOME FUCKING KICK ASS FIGHTS. This drunk hoe who was flashing her tits just starts blasting this dude for no reason and he goes crazy and is throwing guards off and shit and he gets kicked out and she gets to stay which was shitty. All the bands rocked but when MuDvAyNe played DIG OMFG it was great. Bets day of my life, I pretty much lived a Girls Gone Wild DVD. I saw at least 50 sets of tits up close. I doubt anyone else could have had a better pointfest. One more thing watching people get blasted in the face with shoes, beer, and water bottles while the mad out with the bf/gf cracked my shit up.